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Accident Replacement Vehicles

If you have been involved in an accident that isn’t your fault, we can provide a like for like
replacement vehicle to you at absolutely no cost!*

We charge all of the hire car fees to the at fault insurance company.
We also deliver the car to you whether it be at the scene of the accident, the smash
repairer, the towing yard, work or home, whatever is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The hire car costs for the replacement vehicle are covered through the at fault insurance company. The only costs associated to you would be the general running costs of the vehicle, a good way to think of our car while you’re in it is that you should treat it like your car. We give you the car clean and with a full tank of fuel, it is your responsibility to return the car in the same condition. Other general running costs including the use of toll roads, infringements (Speeding, parking fines etc) if there are any damages you cause the vehicle or any other vehicle or property while you are in our car. A general rule of thumb is that if you treat our car with respect, don’t damage anything, receive any infringements or tolls without the use of an E-tag, the only thing you would pay is for the fuel and general cleanliness of the vehicle upon use and return.


  • If your car is repairable Anytime Rentals will provide you a replacement car until the day repairs are completed on your car, in which case we will meet you at the smash repairer so you can drive our car to pick up your car and we will collect ours from you there.



If your car is a total loss or write off, the day you receive the payout from the insurance company is the day you need to return the replacement car to Anytime Rentals, we make this as easy as possible by picking it up from you at a location convenient to you, whether it be at home or at work.

We can add additional drivers to your rental agreement as long as they have an unrestricted license, all you would need to do is notify us at the delivery of the replacement car and we can put down both of your details to be insured for the replacement car.

We understand that sometimes the day you receive the money for your car hasn’t lined up for you to have found a new car, unfortunately the insurance companies will only pay for a replacement vehicle to this date and don’t offer any extra days to find a new car.

If you have found yourself in this position and still need a car to get around Anytime Rentals is happy to keep you in the same car or change car depending on your budget and offer you extremely competitive daily rates for you to rent a car until you have found your new car.

  • This happens quite a lot now. You need to remember that Anytime Rentals DO NOT charge your insurance company. All of our hire car costs go to the at fault insurance company, you have every right to choose where to get your replacement vehicle. If you choose to get a car through the insurance companies hire car companies, you will have to pick it up from Sydney Airport and drop it off when your claim is finished, Whereas Anytime Rentals will deliver and pick up the cars for you to save you the time and expense of going to Sydney Airport.

    There is also a chance depending on who your insurer is that they will cover the hire charge, but any excess reduction from the astronomical excess that hire car companies have to pay will not be covered so you would have to pay around $20-$30 extra per day to bring the excess down to a non petrifying amount of money, Whereas Anytime Rentals will match your excess and charge the excess reduction to the at fault insurer too.

    Anytime Rentals is a small, family owned company, so we really do care about our customers and their satisfaction. We will always be willing to go further to help you in this already stressful situation.

If you have a hire car policy on your insurance policy, Anytime Rentals can supply you with a replacement vehicle too! There is generally a time limit of 14 days unless you have paid for unlimited hire car, We can provide a replacement car for as long as your policy will allow while you are waiting for your car to be repaired.

If you don’t have hire car on your policy, we are more than happy to provide you a quote for a rental car for the duration of repairs.

  • Anytime Rentals vehicles are meticulously, regularly serviced and kept to such a standard that a breakdown is very unlikely, however in the event that you have broken down or have a flat tyre, please call us and we will either organise a tow truck to come tow you to our designated mechanic and meet you there with another car. In the event of a flat tyre, depending on your location we will either organise a tow truck or a friendly Anytime Rentals  representative to change the spare tyre onto the car to get you moving again.


  • This is completely false, Anytime Rentals do not charge any form of gap payment, All of our hire charges are sent through to the at fault insurance company.

    The insurance companies have opted into using very dirty tactics including blatant lies to get you to let them choose a repairer for you and organise the replacement car for you.

    You only need about 5 minutes on google, or watching the news to see how much this is going on.

    The repairs they are undertaking in their preferred repair shops are unsafe and often incomplete in an effort to save money. Trying to scare you into a hire car provided by them is just another one of the ways they are trying to save money.

    This is one of the reasons Anytime Rentals is always reminding people to check their policies for choice of repairer, so you have peace of mind that your repairs are taken care of properly the first time.



  • Unfortunately the insurance companies only have to pay for you to have a replacement car while you do not have a car, if you have bought a new car, they will no longer pay for the replacement car so you will need to contact us to come and pick up the replacement car.
  • If you have an a Not At Fault replacement vehicle, our car is a direct replacement of your car and as such we don’t limit the amount of kilometres you can travel.

    If you have hired the car as a paying customer, we also do not limit the kilometres, but we do have a no interstate policy for the general hire car packages. If you wish to travel interstate, please notify our representative upon enquiry so we can advise you of the prices associated to your trip.

    Please note, if you do not notify our staff and take the vehicle interstate, any accident damages, breakdown or towing costs will not be covered by our Anytime Rentals or their respective insurance company and will be your responsibility.


  • Unfortunately Anytime Rentals do not currently provide car seats.



  • If the vehicle has been damaged by someone else while you aren’t with it, the best thing for you to do is to look around for any companies or houses nearby with security cameras that could have footage of the car being damaged, also sometimes it pays off to check with the houses or businesses nearby to see if anyone saw the number plate of the vehicle that caused the damages.

    This is a very difficult situation for you and  Anytime Rentals.
    If the car has been damaged while in your care but you don’t have the details of who damaged it, or if the person who damaged the car did not leave a note, or if it was damaged by something like a hail storm, you will be required to pay the insurance excess on your rental agreement. We understand this may be confusing but the vehicle is under your care and if damaged it is your responsibility to pay the insurance excess, again the best way to think of our car is that it is like your car, if you were in this situation with your car, it would be the same option.

If the vehicle has been damaged in your care, it is your responsibility to pay the insurance excess or for the repairs of the damage (Whichever is less)
Please note that our insurance does not cover Tyre or Windscreen damage, if you damage the tyre or windscreen, the costs for a replacement will be your responsibility.

If you have been involved in an accident, please see the next FAQ

If you have any questions that aren’t answered above in the FAQ section, you can contact us anytime by calling 0450 000 007

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