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No silly hidden fees.

When you rent a van with Anytime Rentals, you are guaranteed the best customer service in Australia... maybe even the world!

Anytime Rentals only has Automatic, Diesel Toyota Hiace Vans in their fleet, look no further for reliability & fuel efficiency. 
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Cheap Van Rentals in Sydney

About Our Rental Vans.

Our 1 Tonne LWB vans have a 2.9 metre cargo length area and 1 tonne load capacity.  

Our 1.5 Tonne SLWB vans have a 3.47 metre cargo length area and 1.5 tonne load capacity.

Our vans are some of the most highly versatile cargo vans available.
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Long Term Van Rentals in Sydney
Looking to rent a van long term? Our goal is providing the most competitive rate possible combined with world class customer service.

Speak to a member of our management team today if you are looking for long term rates with options from 1 to 3 months and 3 months plus.
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Van Rentals for Business
Eliminate expensive outlays and fees for your business vehicle maintenance, insurance, depreciation and down time by renting with us.

Zero down time, when we say Anytime Rentals, we really mean it. We have replacement vans ready to go with lockbox access 24/7 - 365.
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When you rent a van with Anytime Rentals, you are guaranteed the best customer service in Australia.

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