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Van Fleet Rentals and Services

Why its better to rent for businesses.

Does your business fleet lease vehicles? Do you tie up your capital in buying vehicles outright?

Long term rentals may be a better option, and let us tell you why! With fleet leasing, you are tied into the lease for a period of years, but why? Why are you stuck into something so rigid, that offers no flexibility for your companies needs? 

Surely there is a better way.

Long Term Rentals offer all the benefits of fleet leased vehicles and more. With Long Term Rentals, not only are you NOT stuck in a multiple year contract with MAYBE a few services or a set of tires covered. You are in a vehicle that is flexible with your businesses ever changing needs, offering you fluidity and security for whatever comes around the corner.

Our Long Term Rentals come; Fully Registered, Full roadside assistance package, Comprehensively insured, and any and ALL Maintenance is covered by us!

Other Benefits

We can also offer you things that actually help your business! Does your business utilise trackers in your vehicles, or wish you did? Anytime Rentals offers access to our tracking software, so you can see where your vehicles are and where they have been.

Do you wish you could not only see where the van is, but also the traffic or driving style of the vehicle? Anytime Rentals also offers remote access dash cams. Where you can log in to the dash cam via a phone app or internet browser, and see exactly what you need, when you need to!

Have you returned a fleet lease vehicle with a minor scratch on the wheel and been charged an unfair amount for “Repairs”?

Anytime Rentals Long Term Rentals come with a fair wear and tear guarantee! Small stone chips, scuffed wheels should be considered fair wear and tear.l Lets be honest, You are using these vehicles to work in! The amount of hours on the road next to guarantee some small issues, and we believe that you shouldn’t be charged an arm and a leg for things that really aren’t that big of a deal. Unlike The fleet leasing companies that expect you to return a vehicle after 3 years in showroom condition!

– All the benefits of fleet leasing without the long term lock-in contracts.

– Fleet leased vehicles have unfair damage return conditions.

– Fleet leased vehicles often have YOU pay for servicing and tires outside of their allowances.

– We offer the flexibility for your ever evolving business.

– All vehicles come with a full roadside assistance coverage at no added charge.

– Every Long Term Rental comes with the ability to sign write or wrap your vehicles!

– Tracking software access, so you can see where your vehicle is, how long it has been there, even if the engine is on or off!

Roadside assistance 

Our dedication to keeping your business moving!

Every vehicle in Anytime Rentals fleet comes with fully covered roadside assistance at no extra cost to you or your business.

You can rest well knowing that not only are our vehicles meticulously maintained, but in the rare event something was to happen, help is just a quick phone call away with 24/7 coverage Australia wide, with Australian largest roadside assistance provider.

Remote access Dash Cams

See not only where your van is, but also what it’s seeing!

Do you want to see the traffic your driver may be stuck in?

Do you want to be able to see how your drivers are driving?

Do you want the added peace of mind that if there is any incident, you have immediate access to the dash cam footage in the palm of your hand?

Do you just want all of the data you can get your hands on, so you can understand your business better?

Do you already utilise dash cams in your vehicles?

As another option added feature Anytime Rentals can offer you is Remote Access Dash Cams.

You will be able to use a phone app or internet browser to see a live feed straight from the dash of your rental vehicle, as if you were there in the passenger seat!

We have found while working on providing features for businesses to not only have continued peace of mind, but also more information than they ever thought possible, that features like Remote Access Dash Cams can be an integral part of your business.

These Remote Access Dash Cams give you immediate access to not only Tracking data, but a multitude of live, up to date information that can help you answer any question you may have, without needing to make unnecessary phone calls, and disrupting the work flow of your drivers.

You can rest easy, knowing that if there was ever any incident, you have the real, unembelished truth to the matter, right in the palm of your hand.

With access to additional features like these, you’ll be asking why you ever fleet leased a car before!


Show off your business style by wrapping your vehicle!

Do you have vehicles driving all over the city or country?

Do you think of the potential advertising of having your vehicles signwritten and showing off your company and brand to the world?

Whether you have your own signwriters or need Anytime Rentals to set you up with one of our amazing signwriting companies, We offer you the ability to transform your Long Term rental Vehicle into something truly your own!

Many of our Long Term Rental customers have found signwriting their vehicles to be an effective advertising measure, and here at Anytime Rentals, we believe you should have the option to put some small stickers, or completely wrap your vehicle.

Let us know how we can help make your vehicles truly be something you can be proud to see driving around!

Keyless/Access card start and logs

Give all of your staff access to the vehicle at the same time! Never lose track of who has the keys again!

Do you want an easier way to know who was driving which vehicle at a certain time?

Do you want to rid yourself of the issue of figuring out who had the keys last?

Do you want to be able to move vehicles without finding the keys?

Anytime Rentals has the ability to fit card readers to your Long Term Rental Vehicle and provide you with as many access cards as you need for your business.

Each card will be coded to a staff member, so you can see who was driving the vehicle in the digital log, never even needing to ask the question. Cutting your admin hours down significantly!

Your staff will all have access to the vehicle, with a swipe card that can fit easily in your wallet or purse. Simply swipe the card reader on the windscreen and the vehicle will unlock and you will have access to start and drive the vehicle, it’s as easy as that!

How To Make a Customisation Request

Do you require customisation to your Long Term Rental Vehicle?

Contact us today to find out more about our standard and bespoke services, as well as any other additional services that can help you!

Additional features include;

– Trackers
– Dash Cam packages
– Keyless/Card start
– Signwriting
– Roof Racks
– Towbars
– Bullbars
– Other fitted accessories